Become an affiliate for Calmer Notes.

When you help spread the word about the Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management, you'll get a 15% affiliate fee to say thanks.

How to become a course affiliate

  1. Head over to:
  2. Submit your name, email, and a bit about yourself including your website.
  3. Don't worry about the details on promotions, audience size, etc-- that's just the default Gumroad affiliate form. :)

Affiliate FAQs

Do I need a Gumroad account to be an affiliate for the Calmer Notes course?

For now, yes-- the Calmer Notes affiliate program is run on the Gumroad affiliate system.

How much will I make as an affiliate?

Thanks for helping to spread the word about Calmer Notes! Affiliates get 15% of the course sales generated through their unique Gumroad affiliate link.

How will I get paid as an affiliate?

The affiliate payouts are handled entirely by Gumroad. You'll see affiliate payouts appear in your Gumroad account based on their payout schedule.

Want to help spread the word about Calmer Notes?

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