Become effortlessly organized.

Simplify your life with a personal knowledge management system.

The Calmer Notes method for personal knowledge management will show you how to design a unique, fully tailored-to-you digital note taking system to organize your notes and files.

Organize your notes and files. Ditch the overwhelm.

You're a busy, exhausted knowledge worker who is tired of feeling lost in a flood of documents and notes. You've tried every note taking app and organizational structure you can think of.

You've spent more hours than you can count going down the rabbit hole of online research looking for that elusive note taking app or perfect folder structure so you can finally feel less overwhelmed.

You've been distracted by "bright shiny object syndrome" more than once, feeling like this app or that folder structure must (finally) be the solution to all your problems.

But it never is.

It's time for a minimalist, thoughtful, tailored approach to personal knowledge management.

Here's the secret: there's no "one-size-fits all" solution to personal knowledge management.

You have your own unique challenges, strengths, and types of information you need to organize. Streamline and simplify your digital note taking system. Make writing and research feel engaging, effortless, and fun again.

Create a note taking system perfectly tailored to fit your life.

You can finally ditch that inflexible, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all personal knowledge management advice. The Calmer Notes method gives you a step-by-step approach to craft your very own tailored, completely unique personal knowledge management system that fits the way your mind works.

“Calmer Notes is a super resource for anybody who wants to get into personal knowledge management, focus on goals, identify where your information and notes are scattered, and choose the right PKM tool for your needs.”

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Hello, friend! I'm Elizabeth Butler, your guide on the journey of mindful personal knowledge management.

I'm a physician, a working parent, and an earl grey tea drinker.

I created the Calmer Notes framework to help busy knowledge workers (like you) create mindful, minimalist note taking systems to become more creative and effective.

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